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F as in Freedom by libreplanet

Note: This video contains frequent use of profane language, in the context of an analysis of microblog comments by free software community members.

Molly de Blanc

Projects with a significant number of contributors and users will face decisions where they are no longer able to fulfill the needs and desires of all stakeholders. When this happens some people become upset. A subset of those people become so upset they vent their frustrations on Twitter. I have collected tweets that express a negative sentiment towards decisions made within free software communities and by decision makers for free software projects. These were then categorized based on the decision type (e.g. licensing) and outcome (e.g. switching licenses). I hope to create a greater community understanding of decision making processes, develop a discussion about how communities and decision makers can move forward to better balance the wants and needs of stakeholders, and make a few crass jokes that possibly violate the Code of Conduct.

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