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Book reading: Ada & Zangemann - A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream (audio only)

Presented by: Matthias Kirschner

Matthias Kirschner is president of FSFE. Matthias helps other organizations, companies, and public administrations to understand how they can benefit from free software -- which gives everybody the rights to use, study, share, and improve software -- and how those rights help to support freedom of speech, press, and privacy. He serves on the advisory boards of different free software organizations, has been a consultant for public bodies and other committees, and regularly gives interviews, lectures, or participates in panel discussions about software freedom and the technical distribution of power in a democratic society.


The famous inventor Zangemann lives in a huge villa high above the city. Adults and children alike love his inventions and are desperate to have them. But then something happens: when Zangemann wants to take another close-up look at his inventions during a walk through the city, a child hits him in the shin with the skateboard. That hurts! Enraged, the inventor makes a momentous decision... The clever girl Ada sees through what is going on. Together with her friends, she forges a plan.

This illustrated children's book tells the story of the famous inventor Zangemann and the girl Ada, a curious tinkerer. Ada begins to experiment with hardware and software, and in the process realizes how crucial it is for her and others to control technology.

Ada & Zangemann will inspire children's interest in tinkering and encourages shaping technology.


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1 year, 2 months ago

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