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Problems in the fediverse: Organization (audio only)

Presented by: Dakota J aka Tomat0

For the past four years, I’ve been involved in various initiatives to help grow the Fediverse, including the Copyleft Curator newsletter and The Open Web Project. During that time, I’ve gotten deeply involved in the community: experimenting with strategies, identifying the biggest problems facing ecosystem, getting a feel for the culture, and looking at what potential the federated and free-software model provides for actually affecting change. I’m very deeply interested in the intersection between technological design and human behavior, and how to best solve problems creatively and autonomously, in a way which empowers human beings as opposed to binding them.


The biggest problem that faces the Fediverse right now is the same one that faces a lot of other free-software initiatives. Not mindshare, not features, but one of contribution: how do we encourage people to contribute, how do we make it easier to contribute, and how do we ensure our efforts are coordinated towards what is most needed for the ecosystem? This presentation will focus on lessons I’ve learned over the years in my involvement, lessons learned from the recent Twitter exodus, and how this ties back to the importance of organization.


On request of the speaker, there is no video version of this talk.


10 months, 2 weeks ago

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