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Solving the deployment crisis with GNU Guix

Slides of the talk : User freedom is threatened by the growing complexity of current deployment and packaging directions. Running software (especially server/networked software) is becoming too hard for the average user, so many users are turning to the dangerous path of relying on large corporations to do their computing for them. What can GNU do to turn the tide here? Enter GNU Guix and GuixSD! This talk will walk through Guix's unique positioning to provide totally free and reproducible systems. A path will be laid out on how Guix could be used as a foundation to run and maintain computing for everyone, how you can get Guix and GuixSD running, and how to get involved in the most hacking-friendly package manager/distro duo ever!


7 years, 11 months ago

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Libreplanet 2016 · Slides


CC BY-SA 4.0