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AI in a closing world

We live in a world where AI is entering the decision-making in business and politics. Organizations that control the AI or control the training data have control over the decisions. We cannot leave the decision-making up to centralized AI companies. Otherwise, we will soon live in a world where a single company can direct the future of thousands of organizations and government agencies. The only way for society to fight back is through free software. Join me in exploring the world of AI and why it is necessary for society and investors wanting to make money to convince companies to use Free AI.

Presented by: Kevin Korte

Kevin is an Executive, Board Member, and IT & Growth Strategist with a proven track record of harnessing commercial acumen with finance expertise to drive companies to a brighter and free future. With a strong history in cybersecurity, AI, and free software, Kevin is seen as an industry leader and has shown the value of maintaining control of your data and digital identity. An active startup investor and mentor, Kevin lives outside of Seattle with his family and the resident bear.


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Richard Stallman launched the free software movement in 1983 by announcing development of the free operating system, GNU. By 1992, GNU was nearly operational; one major essential component was lacking, the kernel.


In 1992, Torvalds freed the kernel Linux, which filled the last gap in GNU. Since then, the combined GNU/Linux system has run in millions of computers. Nowadays you can buy a new computer with a totally free GNU/Linux system preinstalled.


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