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LeanWeb: A ruby (out of rails) web framework for static and dynamic content

Hosted by Felix Freeman.


LeanWeb is a very lean web framework on top of Rack and Tilt that works for both static and dynamic content alike. The idea is being able to build static websites first, and add dynamism when needed without having to rely on dirty tricks. First, we will explore the basics of LeanWeb. Then we will create our first static website using the tool. Finally, we'll add dynamism without pain nor guilt. For participation some experience with HTML and CSS is recommended. No previous experience with Ruby is required, however, some programming experience is recommended. To make things go smoothly, please install Ruby on your GNU/Linux machine previous to the workshop. Installation with your distribution's package manager is good enough.


Felix Freeman is a Web Developer, GNU/Linux SysAdmin, Software Engineer, and activist who specializes in libre software. Founder and teacher of the "Escuela de Técnica y Cultura Hacker" . Felix has been active in the libre software community for more than 15 years.


10 months ago

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