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Lightning Talks

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Lightning talks are five-minute presentations given by conference attendees on free software topics they're passionate about. Below are descriptions of some of the lightning talks in this video.

==== I have nothing to hide, only everything to protect ====

Starting at 00:19

Have you ever wondered why you should use software that protects your privacy and the privacy of the people you communicate with? In her five minute talk, the speaker will convince you that you are worthy of all the privacy you want and need.

==== How I blog using free software ====

Starting at 5:40

by Ilya

==== Quiet ====

Starting at 11:52

Quiet: a free p2p alternative to Slack and Discord built on IPFS and Tor, not servers. Quiet is a peer-to-peer team chat app that doesn't require servers, instead using Tor and IPFS to sync data between a community's own devices. We're building Quiet because most people don't have servers, so if free software tools for communication and collaboration depend on servers, most people will still be depending on others for their computing and they won't be fully free. This talk will show Quiet, and make the case for peer-to-peer free software collaboration tools. Holmes Wilson - co-founder of fightforthefuture.org and former FSF campaign manager.

==== Free software related legislation in New Hampshire ====

Starting at 18:00

by Eric Gallager

==== ZubHub ====

Starting at 27:30

ZubHub, a new documentation & collaboration platform for activity-based learning ZubHub is a free & open source educational tool. We envision this to be used as a Wikipedia-like collaborative encyclopedia for activity-based learning. It is available for custom use for schools, libraries, hackerspaces, educational organizations, etc. Imagine that all these institutions can host their own ZubHub to build their online community around their educational activities. Astha Sethi

==== First Device ====

Starting at 32:11

“the First Device:” a utopian re-enchantment towards technological recovery Raising questions around what a utopian or ethically designed first information device for our young, might look or feel like. A thought experiment bringing together elements from the work of Richard M. Stallman and the FSF, Silvia Federici, and Luiz Guilherme Vergara. Chrystalleni Loizidou - Cultural Studies PhD, Coorganiser of "Free/Libre Technologies, Arts and the Commons Unconference, 2019;" Coordinator of the eimaste.net parents cooperative.

==== REUSE ====

Starting at 38:52

REUSE: The gold standard of communicating licensing and copyright information Speaker: Lina Ceballos - Policy Project Manager & REUSE coordinator at FSFE Developing, using, and re-using Free Software is fun, but dealing with licensing and copyright information is not. REUSE changes that. With three simple steps, it makes adding and reading licensing and copyright information easy for both humans and machines. In this presentation, Lina Ceballos will guide us through the REUSE principles and will show us how to make licensing clear and simple.

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