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Platform cooperativism, surveillance capitalism, predictive analysis, and you

Micky Metts, Keegan Rankin, Chris Thompson


Our data makes us unique. How can we own our data? Are we more powerful if we align into groups? How do we own the software platforms we use? How does cooperative development work? How do we share work on large projects? Why and how will free software help us in this era of surveillance? There are so many questions, and very little time for us to come up with solutions or responses. The tech industry has all but left free software in the dust, while spreading malware and using disingenuous advertising campaigns. We can find ways to build the future with free software, but we also need to raise awareness. Although free software is not the answer to all of society's problems, it plays a huge role in how much control we have over our own data and our own future as citizens and as workers.



4 years, 1 month ago

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