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The state of free software in farming, food & agriculture

Presented by: Sick Codes

Sick Codes is an Australian hacker, who resides somewhere in Asia. Sick Codes has previously published research on John Deere tractors, TCL Smart TVs, ice cream machines and most major social media/software websites that we use every day. He loves motorcycles, going fast, discovering vulnerabilities and capitalizing on 0days. His other interests include maintaining software projects, free software, reverse engineering, and standing up for other researchers.


Free software is used in almost all mission critical agricultural equipment: GPS guidance, vehicle ECUs, touch screen displays. In this talk, I will demonstrate how much free software is used to maintain the food supply chain, as we know it and the importance of keeping free software in these processes. Secondly, the importance of upholding the four essential freedoms that are already in use by major agriculture companies, hardware makers, inventors most importantly, the users, farmers.


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12 months ago

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