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Trisquel GNU/Linux, new architectures and other challenges (audio only)

Presented by: Rubén Rodríguez Pérez

Spaniard, software engineer, photographer, GNU hacker, guitar player, ape descendant. Rubén started his career developing free software for research centers and universities, then founded the Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution project and other nonprofits. He has contributed to the freedom and privacy oriented Web tools GNU IceCat, GNU LibreJS and JShelter, and has worked in the One Laptop Per Child program and as a senior systems administrator and CTO of the Free Software Foundation. He likes dogs and paragliding, and dislikes writing about himself.


This talk will begin by shining some light on the vastness of Wikipedia's technology landscape and the technical community behind it, supporting the development of projects in many different areas to set the room for understanding the need and role of developer advocacy for such a large community. It will then focus on the developer advocacy's role in engaging the technical community behind Wikipedia and its sister projects, for example, through dedicated FOSS outreach, mentoring programs and events, awards and ceremonies for developer recognition, grants and partnerships, community metrics and health, platforms and services, developer portal, and more. Through this talk, the audience will gain insights into what a good return on investment means for such initiatives in nonprofit organizations and gather new ideas for building stronger developer communities.


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10 months, 2 weeks ago

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