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Understanding developer advocacy in Wikipedia's technology landscape (audio only)

Presented by: Srishti Sethi

Srishti is a Senior Developer Advocate at the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit behind Wikipedia and its sister projects. In her role, she supports the technical volunteer community through several projects. In the past decade, she has been a part of several free and open-source projects and communities in the education space in various roles (software engineer, researcher, educator, and community manager). She also recently co-founded Unstructured Studio, an educational non-profit engaging children from underserved communities in India in creative learning experiences. Srishti holds a Master's in Media Arts and Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Puerto Rico is a beautiful place. One that is suffering. The calamities do not cease. Some were man-made, like financial bankruptcy. Others have been earthquakes and hurricanes. Compared to most states, Puerto Rico is facing extreme conditions. Life is tough. For many here, these are the end of times. Puerto Ricans live in austerity and hyper-inflation. We have food shortages as well as power and water outages. Our roads and bridges are crumbling with each major rainfall. Can free software help? I propose a new application of free software. An application to help human beings to stay alive. To stay alive people need access to information and resources. They need to know how to provide food, water, and shelter; or where to find them. They need pioneer skills to live off of the land. The need to connect and reconnect. They need Life 0.01.


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10 months, 2 weeks ago

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