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Emacs for P2P Deliberation (audio only)

Presented by: Joseph Turner

Hello! I'm Joseph Turner. I started using GNU/Linux and learning to program after I graduated college in 2019. Since then, I have worked as a project manager and developer with the USHIN team. I enjoy playing music (fiddle, cello, piano, anything that makes noise), practicing aikido, caring for animals, gardening, and chopping wood for the fireplace in my cabin in the woods. I am excited to get more actively involved with the free software and Emacs communities as we explore deliberative software.


Free software needs free tools! We’re making software development collaboration and hosting websites (a.k.a forges) talk to each other using shared protocols, hopefully allowing the free software community to create a decentralized network of self-hosted forge websites powered by fully free software, and whose UX design is geared towards filling human needs rather than company profits. We’ll explore this vision, talk about (and see) our latest development progress, examine the challenges, and present our roadmap for realizing this dream.


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10 months, 2 weeks ago

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