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Emacs for P2P Deliberation

Presented by: Joseph Turner

Hello! I'm Joseph Turner. I started using GNU/Linux and learning to program after I graduated college in 2019. Since then, I have worked as a project manager and developer with the USHIN team. I enjoy playing music (fiddle, cello, piano, anything that makes noise), practicing aikido, caring for animals, gardening, and chopping wood for the fireplace in my cabin in the woods. I am excited to get more actively involved with the free software and Emacs communities as we explore deliberative software.


The ushin project explores Org mode for peer-to-peer deliberation. Ushin offers the seven shapes (or kinds of meaning) deliberative structure for mutual understanding by distinguishing facts, feelings, needs, thoughts, topics, actions, and people. When communicating over the hyperdrive peer-to-peer network, you have full control over your data. With no central authority to censor "misinformation," decision-making power is distributed. A subjective moderation system inspired by TrustNet makes it easy to find sources of information you can trust. Org mode is already an effective tool for organizing personal knowledge, and we want to use it to deliberate collective issues. Ushin combines these ideas into a fun and easy-to-use plain-text system for discussing important issues free of censorship, bots, and trolls through community curation.



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1 year, 1 month ago

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