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3NWeb: A Better digital world is possible

Mikalai Birukou is an expert in decentralized, privacy-by-design technologies, and is building the 3NWeb protocols to create a better and safer digital world. Sean O’Brien is a Visiting Fellow at the Information Society Project, where he leads the Privacy Lab initiative, and is a former lecturer at Yale Law School. He’s also Principal Researcher at the ExpressVPN Digital Security Lab, Head Tutor of Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders, and the founder of PrivacySafe Technology Foundation.

The 3NWeb free software protocols and client are decentralized services designed around the principle of least authority, to combat the monopolization and centralization that threaten our resilience in unstable times. In this talk, Mikalai and Sean introduce 3NWeb and explain its importance to the future of computing.


3 years, 1 month ago

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