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Free software for community radio: LibreTime and other software tools

Robb Ebright


This presentation will provide a summary of current free software tools that can be used in operating a terrestrial or Internet-based community radio station. It will focus primarily on LibreTime, an AGPLv3-licensed radio automation system, and some of the underlying free software components it is built with, including Icecast and Liquidsoap. I will share how LibreTime is used by my community FM station, WCRS-LP, to operate our broadcast using primarily free software, and some of the challenges faced in doing so. I will also share information about some other free software projects, like AzuraCast and Rivendell, to provide overview of the free software landscape for radio stations. My hope is this will serve as a blueprint of inspiration for other people seeking ways of running their radio station using free software. Community media can serve a vital role in informing the public, and free software can play an essential part of this.


4 years, 1 month ago

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