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Remote education: My children's freedom and privacy at stake


Javier Sepulveda Sanchis is the founder of VALENCIATECH, in Spain, which runs GNU/Linux servers using free software exclusively. Javier was a professor of computer science for over ten years, and is an avid free software activist, donating plenty of time to the GNU Project and the Asociación de Usuarios de GNU/Linux de Valencia.

When the coronavirus pandemic caused schools to switch to remote education last spring, Javier was determined to protect his children and their classmates from the abuses of proprietary videoconferencing programs. In this talk, he explains why proprietary programs like Zoom and Skype are unacceptable for use in education, and discusses his efforts to get teachers and school administrators to switch to freedom-respecting programs, including Jitsi Meet.


2 years, 1 month ago

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