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The challenges of change for values-centered nonprofits


Luis Villa is the cofounder and General Counsel at Tidelift, with a deep free software resume that includes work for the Wikimedia Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, the GNOME Foundation, and the Open Source Initiative. Katherine Maher is the CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that operates Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects, and she’s a longtime advocate for free software and a free society.

In this talk, Luis and Katherine present their experiences as leaders at values-centered tech nonprofits that have undergone massive organizational changes, and the lessons they learned. These are the stories of how one organization tried to rebuild after a crisis, and another proactively reimagined its role in the broader free ecosystem, and our speakers hope that they will help you envision how your own communities can address the past and look towards a more equitable future.


3 years ago

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