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The free software movement in the age of Trump

Eben Moglen

One sixth of the human race lives under the control of a regime that intends to use the Net to extinguish the very idea of freedom. Pettier despots of every description use computer networks to perfect civil unfreedom on a platform of unfree technology. Illiberal movements are sweeping towards political power in advanced democratic societies, which are also the hubs of surveillance capitalism. The rush to cashless society is replacing the anonymity of the free market with the tracked and monitored control points of a new totalitarian economy. The most powerful man in the world has no respect for freedom of speech or the rule of law. The free software movement came into existence fighting to prevent a future which is now our present. Ready or not, we have entered a new phase. Training is over. Here's the plan.


5 years, 6 months ago

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