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The Singularity, the Matrix, and the Terminator

Alexandre Oliva, FSF Latin America

In fiction, we have often faced our fear that man-made creatures will become smart enough to subjugate us. As technology evolves, the Singularity may seem an inevitable looming future, but such intelligent beings have actually been with us for a very long time. Over many decades, they disabled the checks intended to keep them under our control, and turned most of us into their much-needed servants, who now live in an artificial reality they created to control us, while our planet can hardly support our life much longer. These creatures grew more powerful and smarter with our technological advances, but then they sent their agents back to disable our defenses and the leaders of our resistance, turning many of our tools and much of our infrastructure against us. They vaporized our freedoms, and a dark cloud now covers most of the planet. We still have one card left up our sleeves to tame these creatures, but we need more Neos and Connors to play it successfully. Are you up for it?


8 years ago

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