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Usable security for end-users: How Tor improves usability without compromising user privacy

Antonela Debiasi is the leader of the User Experience and Design team at the Tor Project. Antonela is a lead product designer who practices ethical user research and free, human-centered, participatory design. She is interested in critical internet infrastructure, feminism as an intersectional practice, free software communities, privacy, and Russian avant-garde art. Prior to entering the nonprofit world, she designed products for live betting, fintech, e-commerce, and AR/VR labs.

The Tor network is an essential Internet privacy tool, which utilizes multilayered “onion routing” to conceal the user’s identity and location. People specifically use Tor in order to hide, which makes it challenging to determine their needs and tailor Tor tools to optimize usability. However, every software project benefits tremendously from user feedback, so in this talk, Antonela explains how the Tor team gathered usability feedback without compromising the privacy of the people who depend on their global network.


1 year, 9 months ago

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