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Installing Ourselves into LibrePlanet

Hosted by Cristina Cochior, Karl Moubarak, and Jara Rocha of The Cell for Digital Discomfort

A workshop session to map out each of our current conditions of connecting and being together, the physical-political, and technological conditions using a diagrammatic methodology.

The workshop is geared towards installing ourselves into the conference's infrastructural spectralities by sharing, learning from and attuning to each others' conditions for connectivity, online participation and basic computer-mediated mundane day-to-day life. We want to pose this affirmation as an initial trigger: installing is about situating — attuning to our network of (inter-)dependencies and attuning to the dependencies with our local and vernacular but also standardized and planetary networks.

This workshop was created in the context of the Fellowship for Situated Practice organized by BAK.


The Cell for Digital Discomfort (CfDD) is interested in developing practices that would go towards something like “solidary discomfort” by circulating questions and experiments that deal with turbo-capitalist domination, linear solutionism, and seamless operations. CfDD wants to stay with the unease despite too-comfortable modes of infrastructural becoming, in order to intersectionally imagine ways to refuse compliance with totalitarian innovation, and to do so in a more explicit conversation with crip techno-science, anti-colonialism, queer struggles, and environmental justice.



1 year, 11 months ago

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