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Reclaiming public values in the Internet

This talk is titled "Reclaiming public values in the Internet," and was presented as a featured keynote at LibrePlanet 2022 by Marleen Stikker.

Marleen is founder of Waag, a social organization and research institute for creative technologies and social innovation. The prolific advocate for free, honest, and inclusive technology, and honorary PhD, is also founder of The Digital City (1993), a group that provides free public access to the Internet in Amsterdam, and author of the book "Het Internet is Stuk" (The Internet is Broken).

This talk is about Waag's model of the Public Stack and how it proposes an alternative way of designing and developing technology by advocating for a design of technology with the interests of the public in mind. Our keynote speaker will show how the program has been developed over the course of the last four years, and how Waag and its partners apply the model and spread free software awareness in various sectors, including health, media, and government.


2 years, 2 months ago

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