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Revitalizing Usenet

This talk is titled "Revitalizing Usenet," and was presented at LibrePlanet 2022 by Tristan Miller.

Tristan is a research scientist at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and a member of Usenet’s Big-8 Management Board. He (co-)maintains several free software packages, including the generic preprocessor GPP and GNU’s moderation tool, STUMP.

This talk is about usenet, which is a worldwide online discussion network that was established in 1980, a decade before the World Wide Web. Unlike Web forums, control of Usenet is not centralized, but is rather distributed across an open federation of independent service providers. This makes the system transparent, robust, resistant to censorship, and most importantly, respectful of users' digital freedoms.

Slides: https://media.libreplanet.org/u/libreplanet/m/revitalizing-usenet-slides/


2 years ago

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