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What's new in Jami

Presented by: Amin Bandali

bandali is a computing scientist and free/libre software activist who wears a few hats around the GNU project as a GNU maintainer, a Savannah hacker/admin, and an assistant GNUisance among others, and also volunteers with the Free Software Foundation.


Jami is free/libre software for universal communication that respects the freedoms and privacy of its users. An official GNU package, Jami is an end-to-end encrypted secure and distributed communication tool for calling, conferencing, messaging, and file transfer. Jami has end-user applications across multiple operating systems and platforms, as well as multiple APIs and a plugin system for building upon and extending Jami as a framework for secure and private communication.

This talk gives an update on what's new in and about Jami since bandali's "Jami and how it empowers users" talk at LibrePlanet 2021.


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10 months, 1 week ago

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